Elsozo Automotive Antimicrobial

Elsozo Automotive Antimicrobial offer protection for vehicles from bacteria, viruses and fungi.

  • Elsozo Automotive Antimicrobial adopted Ageis Microbe Shield – USA with Silicon Quate as the active ingredient) which is Non-Leaching (Permanent and Durable) which kills bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • Protects you from MICROBES 24/7.
  • Prevents bad odors, stains and spots caused by bacteria and fungi.
  • Protect us from various dangerous diseases / transmission.
  • Can be applied to helmets, shoes, socks, gloves, car interiors, etc.

Elsozo Automotive Antimicrobial is applied by spraying it on the surface of walls / objects / tools, then Elsozo Microbe Protector is able to kill any microbes on the surface. Elsozo Automotive Antimicrobial works on the basis of ELECTROCUTION, namely the attraction of Elsozo Automotive Antimicrobial (Cationic (+) charged) and microbes (single-celled (-))

How does it work? Elsozo Automotive Antimicrobial works by means of ELECTROCUTE, where Elsozo Automotive Antimicrobial with Cationic (+) charge will attract Anionic (-) charged microbes, and the 1-celled microbes will break apart and die.


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Elsozo Automotive Antimicrobial?
Product Benefits.

24 Hours Protection

ELSOZO ANTIMICROBIAL is one of the first mover of hand sanitizer in Indonesia that does not only kills bacteria, viruses and fungi but also gives you protection for 24 hours.

Elsozo contains AEGIS Protectiuon formula that have been clinically proven and internationally certified to kill and protect you from the bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Elsozo Hand Sanitizer

Elsozo Hand Sanitizer adopted Ageis Microbe Shield technology from the United States containing Silicon Quate, non-leaching active ingredients which kills bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Elsozo Homecare Antimicrobial

Elsozo Homecare Antimicrobial is a product that provides protection for personal items at home from the dangers of bacteria, viruses and fungi.  

Elsozo Microbe Protector

Elsozo Microbe Protector is a product that provides protection / protection to the room, goods / objects against microbial hazards, namely: bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, yeast.

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