Elsozo is an active ingredient (Silicon Quate) which is Non-Leaching which kills germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

It is clinically proven that Elsozo is safe to use & environmentally friendly.

It protects you up to 24 hour with a simple spray in the morning

Product Benefits.

24 Hours Protection

ELSOZO ANTIMICROBIAL is one of the first mover of hand sanitizer in Indonesia that does not only kills bacteria, viruses and fungi but also gives you protection for 24 hours.

Elsozo contains AEGIS Protectiuon formula that have been clinically proven and internationally certified to kill and protect you from the bacteria, viruses and fungi.




Use ELSOZO ANTIMICROBIAL according to your needs

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Elsozo Hand Sanitizer

Elsozo Hand Sanitizer adopted Ageis Microbe Shield technology from the United States containing Silicon Quate, non-leaching active ingredients which kills bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Elsozo Homecare Antimicrobial

Elsozo Homecare Antimicrobial is a product that provides protection for personal items at home from the dangers of bacteria, viruses and fungi.  

Elsozo Automotive Antimicrobial

Elsozo Automotive Antimicrobial offer protection for vehicles from bacteria, viruses and fungi.  

Elsozo Microbe Protector

Elsozo Microbe Protector is a product that provides protection / protection to the room, goods / objects against microbial hazards, namely: bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, yeast.

premium quality

Elsozo provide the best quality products to customers, certified and offer high standard production.


ELSOZO ANTIMICROBIAL kills bacteria, virus and fungi and also protects you during daily activities

Safe & Easy to Use

ELSOZO ANTIMICROBIAL contains water and 10% alcohol which is safe to use

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